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About Us

Orange Snail Brewers is a small (but mighty) craft brewery in Milton.  We have been open since 2015 and focus on making the best small batch craft beer with the best grain and hops from around the world with an emphasis on helping out our local Canadian farmers.

Founded by a couple home brewing buddies from way back who had a deep passion for great craft beer and a desire to bring new and exciting craft beers to the Milton and surrounding areas.  We believe craft beer should be bought locally to enjoy the freshest and best beer possible.  Our craft beer is all natural and is unfiltered with no additives or preservatives!

We want people to get the full craft beer experience so we always have at least 8 craft beers available at the brewery for purchase or sampling in our taproom with different seasonals all the time.  We love experimenting and coming up with new recipes every month. 

We enjoy all styles of beer (including some that we just make up….haha) and have done many including Sours, Bourbon and Wine Barrel Aging, Belgians and even a Beet Beer! 

We can't wait to share our Great Craft Beer and Amazing Atmosphere here in our Taproom so if you haven’t been here yet……why NOT……get down here now! 

We always have surprises here at Orange Snail Brewers so stay tuned and connected!!! 



Orange Snail Brewers 

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